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Press release “10 Jahre MATRICULA”, Festveranstaltung 2.11.2019, St.Pölten
press release for Austrian media Dagmar Weidinger 22-Oct-2019 ICARUS
“Topothek und Museum – einer Verbindung mit Zukunft”, Neues Museum, 06/2019
article on the Topotheque project, special focus on international achievements during the co:op project (Hungary, Finlan) and comig partnerships with Lower Austria's "Haus der Geschichte", author: Dagmar Weidinger Dagmar Weidinger 10-May-2019 ICARUS
PA Time Machine_Deutsch_März 2019
press release on "Time Machine"-project; translation of EU-press release + text concerning Austria Dagmar Weidinger 06-Mar-2019 ICARUS
“Eine völlig neue Art des Arbeitens”
interview with digital humanist Georg Vogeler, Wiener Zeitung. 18.1.2018 Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
“Die Kraft der Ahninnen”
ICARUS mentioned in an article on genealogy in the Austrian magazine "Welt-der-Frauen", 12/2017. Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
“Die Topothek und ihre Bedeutung für die Museumslandschaft in Österreich”, Neues Museum, 03/2017
article in the magazine of the Austrian Museumsbund on the Topotheque focussing on the aspect of voluntary work within the project. Dagmar Weidinger 16-Mar-2017 ICARUS
press release: “100 Archive auf einen Blick”, January 11, 2017
press release on the occasion of the 100th topotheque in Großengersdorf in Lower Austria. Dagmar Weidinger 11-Jan-2017 ICARUS
PM_Freedom for information | OpenGLAM, OÖLA, May 2, 2016
press release on the event "Freedom for information | OpenGLAM" in the OÖLA on May 2, 2016. Dagmar Weidinger 18-Apr-2016 ICARUS
press release “Land NÖ sichert private Geschichtsquellen”
Topotheque kick-off event in St. Pölten, April 12, 2016 Dagmar Weidinger 30-Mar-2016 ICARUS
press release “ICARUS kooperiert mit Archiv im Nordirak”
press release dealing with the results of ICARUS meeting #16 in St. Pölten, Nov. 23-25, 2015, giving information on F.Najeeb Michaeel and his digitising efforts in Iraq and the planned cooperation with his „Centre Numérique des Manuscrits Orientaux“ (CNMO) in Erbil/Iraq Dagmar Weidinger 27-Nov-2015 ICARUS