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Digitalization issues from archive’s perspective: experiences, trends and prospects
This is the essay on ARIHNET and ICARUS that Vlatka Lemić will present at the Conferinţa Arhive, istorie şi politică în România secolelor XIX-XXI on September 21, 2012 in Bucharest. Vlatka Lemić 18-Sep-2012 Vlatka Lemić
ICARUSNet – A model for building an archival network
This recording is the third part (of three) of a Lecture by ICARUS Members at the post-graduate course "Computer applications for archival management", organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa / IT. Vlatka Lemić of the Hrvatski državni arhiv in Zagreb / HR talked about ICARUSNet, and how it is an example for building an archival computer network. Vlatka Lemić 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS
An introduction on ICARUSnet by Vlatka Lemić of the Hrvatski državni arhiv in Zagreb / HR. The recording was taken in June 2011 at the semi-annual ICARUS-Meeting in Poznan / PL. Vlatka Lemić 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS