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SWR Interview Aigner 11 April 2016
SWR interview with Thomas Aigner on "Zwischen Ländern – in den Köpfen: Welche Grenzen brauchen wir? " (Between Countries - Inside Heads: What kind of Border do we need") aired on 11 April 2016. (in German) SWR 12-Apr-2016 SWR
Pogramme Doppelkonferenz
Im Rahmen der Tagung "EN ROUTE TO A SHARED IDENTITY. New or unknown sources on the History and Cultural Heritage of Central Europe in the digital Age" findet am 15.2. abends die "Doppelkonferenz: Original und Digitalisat im Zeitalter des Medienwandels" statt. ReferentInnen: Patricia Engel, Georg Vogeler. 09-Feb-2016
“Pater rettete tausende Dokumente vor dem IS”, ICO Feb.2016
press text on Father Najeeb Michaeel's digitization projects in Iraq and the co-operation with the ICARUS-network fixed in St. Pölten in Nov. 2015; Information Christlicher Orient Nr. 61, Feb. 2016, author: KAP/red. ICO 04-Feb-2016 ICARUS
Programme “New or unknown sources on the History and Cultural Heritage of Central Europe in the digital Age”
Programme for the second international conference of the takso force "En route to a shared Identity", held from 15-16 February 2016 at the University of Vienna (AT). Adelheid Krah 12-Jan-2016
“Ein Facebook des Mittelalters” and “Crowdsourcing: Die Masse macht’s möglich”, Heureka 315 (Falter supplement), July 2015
Two articles dealing with the conference "Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age" in Prague/April 2015, thematic focuses: the Venice time machine project (Frédéric Kaplan), co:op, crowdsourcing amongst laypeople; author: Sabine Edith Braun, date of publicaton: July 1, 2015 Sabine Edith Braun 01-Jul-2015 ICARUS