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Daniel Jeller – Digitisation-Basic Questions
Daniel Jeller – Digitization-Basic Questions
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EIn Werkstattbericht Daniel Jeller 08-Aug-2016 Daniel Jeller
Konferenz-folder: Auf dem Weg zu einer gemeinsamen Identität
Die Web-Version des Folders zur Konferenz "Auf dem Weg zu einer gemeinsamen Identität. Quellen zur Geschichte Mitteleuropas im Digitalen Zeitalter". Für Druck nur bedingt geeignet. Daniel Jeller 03-Jul-2014 ICARUS
MOM-Logo as PNG
The "new" version of the MOM-Logo as a large PNG file (7457x3000px). Daniel Jeller 19-Nov-2013 ICARUS
Very small MOM-Logo (55x22px)
To use as an icon or something similar. Daniel Jeller 05-Aug-2013 ICARUS
MOM-Logo in Vectorgraphics
A stylized version of the original MOM logo as a SVG. With Inkscape, it can be exported in any size. Daniel Jeller 05-Aug-2013 ICARUS
Scanning with the Bookeye 3 Scanner for Monasterium
A short manual for the usage of the Bookeye 3 Scanner in digitisation projects to contribute to Monasterium. Daniel Jeller 24-Jan-2013 ICARUS
Software to aid the scanning process for Monasterium. Version Daniel Jeller 24-Jan-2013 Daniel Jeller – Evolution of a Project
Very brief presentation on the technical history of the monasterium project. Presented at the DiPP 2012 in Veliko Tarnov 2012 Daniel Jeller 19-Sep-2012 ICARUS