Document Summary Author Date Copyright
insights 2/2018 ENG
Second issue of 2018 in English. 14-Mar-2019
insights 2/2018 DE
Second issue of 2018 in German. 14-Mar-2019
Time Machine folder
Folder giving and overview over the Time Machine project. 13-Mar-2019
CfP: 3rd Archival Congress in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Call for Papers for the 3rd Archival Congress in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be held from 5-7 June 2019 in Laktaši (BiH). 11-Mar-2019
“EU-Förderung als Turbo für Ahnenforschung”, Wiener Zeitung article on Time Machine-Project, March 5, 2019
article by Bernhard Baumgartner on the Time Machine-Project. Bernhard Baumgartner 06-Mar-2019 ICARUS
PA Time Machine_Deutsch_März 2019
press release on "Time Machine"-project; translation of EU-press release + text concerning Austria Dagmar Weidinger 06-Mar-2019 ICARUS
Rules of Reimbursement co:op
Rules for reimbursing expenses enquired within the EU-funded project "co:op" 07-Feb-2019
In Grenzen unbegrenzt. Passauer Bistumsgeschichte und die digitale Welt
Programme 7-8 February 2019 at Spectrum Kirche in Passau (DE) 04-Feb-2019
Programme 5th Croatian ICARUS Days and ICARUS Convention #23
Programme for the 5th Croatian ICARUS Days and ICARUS Convention #23. Date: 27-29 March 2019 Venue: Pula (HR) 24-Jan-2019
ICARUS statistics
This file presents the results from an online survey conducted within the ICARUS network. The aim was to collect information on who has what kind of experience in digitization, who attracts lots of users or who has most used online services etc in order to facilitate possible cooperation projects and offer a pool for quick information overview within the ICARUS network. 07-Dec-2018