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Monasterium Logo
Small png version of the Monasterium logo 27-May-2015
ICARUS4all Logo
Small png version of the ICARUS4all logo. 27-May-2015
Logo of the Bautzen Archives
The official Logo of the Bautzen Archives to be used in MOM-CA Bautzen 15-Dec-2014 Bautzen
MOM-Logo as PNG
The "new" version of the MOM-Logo as a large PNG file (7457x3000px). Daniel Jeller 19-Nov-2013 ICARUS
Very small MOM-Logo (55x22px)
To use as an icon or something similar. Daniel Jeller 05-Aug-2013 ICARUS
MOM-Logo in Vectorgraphics
A stylized version of the original MOM logo as a SVG. With Inkscape, it can be exported in any size. Daniel Jeller 05-Aug-2013 ICARUS
Men and Books Logo
Project Logo for Men and Books Caroline Maximoff 06-Dec-2012
EU-Logo Culture
EU-Logo Culture 27-Nov-2012
APEx Magnifying Glass as SVG
The magnifying glass from the APEx logo in Vector format. Daniel Jeller 14-Sep-2012 APEx