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“Der Aufbruch in die Welt der Zeitreisen”, DIE FURCHE 45, 2018
article in the Austrian weekly DIE FURCHE dealing with the 10th anniversary of ICARUS and the time machine project, ed. 45/Nov. 8, 2018, author: Martin Tauss. Martin Tauss 12-Nov-2018 ICARUS
“Pater rettete tausende Dokumente vor dem IS”, ICO Feb.2016
press text on Father Najeeb Michaeel's digitization projects in Iraq and the co-operation with the ICARUS-network fixed in St. Pölten in Nov. 2015; Information Christlicher Orient Nr. 61, Feb. 2016, author: KAP/red. ICO 04-Feb-2016 ICARUS
“Die Hüter der Schätze”, NÖN 50/2015; 9/12/15
press article on ICARUS helping father Najeeb Michaeel to save and restaure his manuscripts in Iraq (Chaldean heritage work group), NÖN 50/2015; author: Michaela Regenfelder-Fleck Michaela Regenfelder-Fleck 14-Dec-2015 ICARUS
press release “2. Topothek-Tag wieder voller Erfolg”
press release after the second topotheque day in St. Pölten, Nov.6/7, 2015, short summary of the issues of the second topotheque-day in St. Pölten + explanation of the topotheque in the context of ICARUS Michaela Haag 13-Nov-2015 ICARUS
“Wie erforsche ich meine Familiengeschichte”, Die Presse, 12.9.2015
Short information about the ICARUS4all late summer party in Geras, Die Presse, 12.9.2015, author: Alice Senarclens de Grancy Alice Senarclens de Grancy 22-Sep-2015 ICARUS
“Digitalisierung von Archiven macht Ahnenforschung populär”, APA, 18.9.2015
APA press release before the ICARUS4all late summer party at Geras on September 19, 2015; author: Julia T. Ortner Julia T. Ortner 22-Sep-2015 ICARUS
“Ein Facebook des Mittelalters” and “Crowdsourcing: Die Masse macht’s möglich”, Heureka 315 (Falter supplement), July 2015
Two articles dealing with the conference "Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age" in Prague/April 2015, thematic focuses: the Venice time machine project (Frédéric Kaplan), co:op, crowdsourcing amongst laypeople; author: Sabine Edith Braun, date of publicaton: July 1, 2015 Sabine Edith Braun 01-Jul-2015 ICARUS
“ICARUS: Katalysator für die Digitalisierung in Archiven”, Computergenealogie. Magazin für Familienforschung, 02/2015
Article after the conference "Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age" in Prague/April 2015. Günter Junkers 18-Jun-2015 ICARUS
“Urkunden im Netz lesen”: Katholische Sonntagszeitung Augsburg, May 2/3, 2015
Article on Robert Reiter scanning the documents of the episcopal archive at Hafnerberg mentioninig Monasterium and ICARUS, date of publication: May 2/3, 2015, author: Andreas Alt Andreas Alt 20-May-2015 ICARUS