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Paper: “Vom Nutz und Frommen digitaler Urkundeneditionen”
The paper "Vom Nutz und Frommen digitaler Urkundeneditionen". Georg Vogeler 04-Sep-2015
Paper: “Wissensräume im Archiv”
The paper "Wissensräume im Archiv. Überlegungen zur Zukunft archivischer Erschließung". Gerhart Marckhgott 04-Sep-2015
Paper: ” – das virtuelle Urkundenarchiv Europas”
The paper " - das virtuelle Urkundenarchiv Europas. Möglichkeiten der Bereitstellung und Erschließung von Urkundenbeständen". Adelheid Krah 04-Sep-2015
Paper: “Digitalisierte Archivbestände und Archivalien in Bayern”
The paper "Digitalisierte Archivbestände und Archivalien in Bayern". Joachim Kemper 04-Sep-2015
Urkundendigitalisierung und Mittelalterforschung
A collection of essays by various authors on the impact of digitisation of medieval charters on Medieval History. Created after a Workshop in Marburg, Germany. Irmgard Fees (Publ.) 04-Dec-2013
Digitalisierung – Erschwingliche Lösungen
A presentation on the topic of cost effective technical solutions for digitisation in a Library / Archive context. Daniel Jeller 14-Jun-2012 ICARUS
Digitalisierung und Onlinestellung: Methodologie und Technologie
A short presentation on the technical details of digitisation projects and online presentation of the documents. The language is German. Daniel Jeller 21-May-2012 ICARUS
Digitisation – Basic Questions
A short presentation by Daniel Jeller of ICARUS on the do's, don'ts and what-if's of planning and carrying through a digitisation project in a cultural heritage institution. The lecture is the second part of the ICARUS4education panel at the post-graduate course "Computer applications for archival management", organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa / IT. Daniel Jeller 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS
“Digital restoration of the Cadastral Heritage — The Arcanum Project for digital processing of the contemporary cadastral sheets (1856-60) of Hungary” by S. Biszak
This is the contribution on digital restoration of the Cadastral Heritage and the Arcanum Project for digital processing of the contemporary cadastral sheets (1856-60) of Hungary" by S. Biszakpresented at the initial conference „Cadastral Maps in Central Europe”, Budapest (HU), 17th -18th June 2010. Sándor Biszak 12-Apr-2012 Sándor Biszak