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“Eine völlig neue Art des Arbeitens”
interview with digital humanist Georg Vogeler, Wiener Zeitung. 18.1.2018 Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
“Die Kraft der Ahninnen”
ICARUS mentioned in an article on genealogy in the Austrian magazine "Welt-der-Frauen", 12/2017. Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
Handbuch “Matricula”
Handbuch für das online Portal "Marticula". Gabi Rudigner 13-Dec-2016 Gabi Rudinger
Register of register books of the Diocese Passau / DE
An Excel worksheet containing all register books of the Archive of the Diocese Passau in the Matricula Portal. ABP 09-Nov-2015
“Digitalisierung von Archiven macht Ahnenforschung populär”, APA, 18.9.2015
APA press release before the ICARUS4all late summer party at Geras on September 19, 2015; author: Julia T. Ortner Julia T. Ortner 22-Sep-2015 ICARUS
“Dreiundert Jahre Familie”, Wiener Journal
Article von genealogy in the Friday insert of the Wiener Zeitung mentioning Matricula/ICARUS, author: Christian Hoffmann, date of publication: April 17, 2015 Christian Hoffmann 18-Apr-2015 ICARUS
Croatian ICARUS days
Programme for the Croatian ICARUS days "Archives and cooperation in the Digital Age", held at the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija (HR) from 12-13 March 2015. 24-Feb-2015
Wer sind Ihre Vorfahren
Article on genealogy, including quotations by Thomas Aigner, published in Krone Bunt on January 4, 2015; author: Martina Winkelhofer Martina Winkelhofer 21-Feb-2015 ICARUS
Ländergrenzen sind Nonsens
Article on ICARUS, published in "Wiener Zeitung" (08.05.2014), author: Dagmar Weidinger Dagmar Weidinger 01-Feb-2015 ICARUS