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Press release “10 Jahre MATRICULA”, Festveranstaltung 2.11.2019, St.Pölten
press release for Austrian media Dagmar Weidinger 22-Oct-2019 ICARUS
“Der Aufbruch in die Welt der Zeitreisen”, DIE FURCHE 45, 2018
article in the Austrian weekly DIE FURCHE dealing with the 10th anniversary of ICARUS and the time machine project, ed. 45/Nov. 8, 2018, author: Martin Tauss. Martin Tauss 12-Nov-2018 ICARUS
“Eine völlig neue Art des Arbeitens”
interview with digital humanist Georg Vogeler, Wiener Zeitung. 18.1.2018 Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
“Die Kraft der Ahninnen”
ICARUS mentioned in an article on genealogy in the Austrian magazine "Welt-der-Frauen", 12/2017. Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
Handbuch “Matricula”
Handbuch für das online Portal "Marticula". Gabi Rudigner 13-Dec-2016 Gabi Rudinger
Register of register books of the Diocese Passau / DE
An Excel worksheet containing all register books of the Archive of the Diocese Passau in the Matricula Portal. ABP 09-Nov-2015
“Digitalisierung von Archiven macht Ahnenforschung populär”, APA, 18.9.2015
APA press release before the ICARUS4all late summer party at Geras on September 19, 2015; author: Julia T. Ortner Julia T. Ortner 22-Sep-2015 ICARUS
“Dreiundert Jahre Familie”, Wiener Journal
Article von genealogy in the Friday insert of the Wiener Zeitung mentioning Matricula/ICARUS, author: Christian Hoffmann, date of publication: April 17, 2015 Christian Hoffmann 18-Apr-2015 ICARUS
Croatian ICARUS days
Programme for the Croatian ICARUS days "Archives and cooperation in the Digital Age", held at the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija (HR) from 12-13 March 2015. 24-Feb-2015