Document Summary Author Date Copyright
Accommodation ICARUS meeting #20
Accommodation possibilities for the ICARUS meeting #20 in Madrid (ES). 25-Sep-2017
ICARUS HR folder
Croatian Folder for ICARUS HR ICARUS HR 10-Apr-2017 ICARUS HR
ICARUS4all Corporate Partnership flyer
English flyer for ICARUS4all Corporate Partnership. 21-Jun-2016
ICARUS4all Firmenflyer
German flyer for company partnerships within ICARUS4all. 21-Jun-2016
Invitation “Topothek wird Landesprojekt”
Kick-off event 12 April 2016 at the Lower Austrian State Library in St. Pölten (AT) of the topotheques becoming a Lower Austria regional project. 16-Mar-2016
Invitation int’l workshop
Invitation to the international workshop held within the ICARUS-Meeting #16 on 24 November 2015 on the topic of "The cultural heritage of the Middle East: Current threats and scenarios for protection in the future". ICARUS 09-Nov-2015 ICARUS
Invitation panel discussion Abbey Melk
Invitation to the international panel discussion at Abbey Melk (AT) on 25 November 2015 within the co:op project and cooperation with ICARUS4all. ICARUS 09-Nov-2015 ICARUS
Programmfolder Spätsommerfest
Dies ist der Programmfolder für das Spätsommerfest des Freundevereins ICARUS4all, das am 19. September 2015 im Stift Geras (AT) stattfindet, ICARUS 02-Sep-2015 ICRUS
co:op template A4-4 pages & A4-4 pages
These templates may be used for programmes, invitations etc. The dummy texts and images should be replaced accordingly. ICARUS 13-May-2015 ICARUS