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“Wie ein Mönch dem IS zuvorkam”, Kurier, Nov. 27, 2015
article on the planned cooperation between F. Najeeb Michaeel and ICARUS, also giving detailed background information on Najeeb's digitising activities in Iraq. Kurier, 27/11/2015, author: Susanne Mauthner-Weber Susanne Mauthner-Weber 27-Nov-2015 ICARUS
press release “ICARUS kooperiert mit Archiv im Nordirak”
press release dealing with the results of ICARUS meeting #16 in St. Pölten, Nov. 23-25, 2015, giving information on F.Najeeb Michaeel and his digitising efforts in Iraq and the planned cooperation with his „Centre Numérique des Manuscrits Orientaux“ (CNMO) in Erbil/Iraq Dagmar Weidinger 27-Nov-2015 ICARUS