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Report Monasterium Didactics Workgroup Madrid
This is a report from the Monasterium Didactics workshop which was held during the ICARUS-Meeting #13 in Madrid. 17-Dec-2013
MOM-Logo as PNG
The "new" version of the MOM-Logo as a large PNG file (7457x3000px). Daniel Jeller 19-Nov-2013 ICARUS
MOM-Logo in Vectorgraphics
A stylized version of the original MOM logo as a SVG. With Inkscape, it can be exported in any size. Daniel Jeller 05-Aug-2013 ICARUS
Vorwort von Josef Lampel zu seinen Ergänzungen zum Urkundenbuch der Kartause Aggsbach
Quelle: Josef LAMPEL, Nachträge zum Aggsbacher Urkundenbuch. In: Jahrbuch des Vereins für Landeskunde von Niederösterreich NF6 (1907) 189-216. Josef Lampel 12-Mar-2013
Vorwort von Adalbert Fuchs zum Urkundenbuch der Kartause Aggsbach
Quelle: Adalbert FUCHS, Urkunden und Regesten zur Geschichte der aufgehobenen Kartause Aggsbach VOWW (=FRAU II/59, Wien 1906) Adalbert Fuchs 12-Mar-2013
Scanning with the Bookeye 3 Scanner for Monasterium
A short manual for the usage of the Bookeye 3 Scanner in digitisation projects to contribute to Monasterium. Daniel Jeller 24-Jan-2013 ICARUS
Software to aid the scanning process for Monasterium. Version Daniel Jeller 24-Jan-2013 Daniel Jeller
2nd conference of European ecclestical archivists
Programme to the conference. Date: 29.04-01.05.2013. Venue: ASSOCIAZIONE ARCHIVISTICA ECCLESIASTICA - Piazza San Calisto, 16 – 00153 Roma 05-Nov-2012
Mairena, Alfonso Sánchez (2012): The Methodology for the Researching of Medieval Cartularies
Mairena, Alfonso Sánchez (2012): The Methodology for the Researching of Medieval Cartularies: An Experience from the Cartulary of the Cathedral Chapter of Lugo, Spain (XIIIth Century), Universidad de Granada, Spain The publication is an homage to Prof. Dr. D. José Ignacio Fernández de Viana y Vieites and written in Spanish, including an English abstract. Mairena, Alfonso Sánchez 23-Oct-2012 Mairena, Alfonso Sánchez