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Press release “10 Jahre MATRICULA”, Festveranstaltung 2.11.2019, St.Pölten
press release for Austrian media Dagmar Weidinger 22-Oct-2019 ICARUS
“Die Suche nach den Wurzeln”, WZ
text on the ICARUS4all late summer-party at Geras Abbey in autumn 2015; especially telling the personal stories of family research of two ICARUS4all members (Otto Amon, Melitta Riegler), Wiener Zeitung, extra, Feb. 20/21, 2016, author: Sabine Edith Braun Sabine Edith Braun 22-Feb-2016 ICARUS
“Die Zukunft gehört der Digitalisierung”, tips Horn, Oct.1, 2015
Article on the ICARUS4all late summer party in Geras on Sept. 19, 2015, tips Horn, Oct. 1, 2015. author: Olivia Lentschig Olivia Lentschig 06-Oct-2015 ICARUS
“Digitalisierung von Archiven macht Ahnenforschung populär”, APA, 18.9.2015
APA press release before the ICARUS4all late summer party at Geras on September 19, 2015; author: Julia T. Ortner Julia T. Ortner 22-Sep-2015 ICARUS