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press release “2. Topothek-Tag wieder voller Erfolg”
press release after the second topotheque day in St. Pölten, Nov.6/7, 2015, short summary of the issues of the second topotheque-day in St. Pölten + explanation of the topotheque in the context of ICARUS Michaela Haag 13-Nov-2015 ICARUS
2. topotheque day
Invitation to the 2nd topotheque day on 6 November 2015 held within the 6th Lower Austrian Archives Day in St. Pölten (AT). 16-Oct-2015
“Die Zukunft gehört der Digitalisierung”, tips Horn, Oct.1, 2015
Article on the ICARUS4all late summer party in Geras on Sept. 19, 2015, tips Horn, Oct. 1, 2015. author: Olivia Lentschig Olivia Lentschig 06-Oct-2015 ICARUS
“Die Bevölkerung erforscht ihre Geschichte”, die Presse, May 23, 2015
Article after the conference "Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age" in Prague/April 2015 focusing on the topotheque and co:op; including statements by Thomas Aigner, Francesco Roberg, Kathrin Sammer and Adelheid Krah, date of publication: May 23, 2015, author: Sonja Burger. Sonja Burger 01-Jun-2015 ICARUS
Topothek Logo
Small version of the Topothek Logo. 27-May-2015
Mit ICARUS Grenzen überschreiten | Eindrücke von der Internationalen Konferenz „Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age”
Press release after the international conference„Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age” in Prague, April 27-April 29, 2015 Dagmar Weidinger 01-May-2015 ICARUS
Let the crowd work!
This is the programme for the conference panel "Let the crowd work!" held within the ICARUS-meeting #15 "Archival cooperation and community building in the Digital Age" from 27 - 29 April 2015 at Brevnov Archabbey in Prague (CZ). ICARUS 17-Feb-2015 ICARUS
Im Gespräch mit Alexander Schatek
Interview with Alexander Schatek, founder of the Topotheque, author: Dagmar Weidinger Dagmar Weidinger 01-Feb-2015 ICARUS/Dagmar Weidinger
Schätze heben am Topothek-Tag in St. Pölten
ICARUS-press release after the second Topotheque-Day in St. Pölten (NV-Forum of the NÖ Versicherung) on Nov. 7, 2014 Dagmar Weidinger 01-Feb-2015 ICARUS