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Project proposal: Autenticum
This is the abstract to the project proposal "Autenticum" as presented by the Danish National Archives during the project market meeting within the ICARUS-Meeting #14 in Colmar (November 2014). Danish National Archives 03-Dec-2014 Danish National Archives
co:op project submission
This is the co:op project application package comprised of project description, submission form, estimated budget, working programme, cooperation agreement, activity reports, CVs, statutes, project evaluation. ICARUS 01-Dec-2014 ICARUS
Basic administrational issues regarding co:op
This is the Power Point Presentation given within a first co:op partner meeting within the ICARUS-Meeting #14 in Colmar (FR). ICARUS 25-Nov-2014 ICARUS
Invitation Topotheque day
This is the invitation and programme for the topotheque day on 07 - 08 November 2014. ICARUS 12-Oct-2014 ICARUS
Minutes ENArc-Meeting Copenhagen
These are the minutes from the ENArC-Meeting held within the ICARUS-Meeting in Copenhagen on17 June 2014. ICARUS 12-Aug-2014 ICARUS
Minutes General Assembly
These are the minutes of the General Assembly held on 17 June 2014 within the ICARUS-Meeting at the Danish National Archives from 16 - 18 June 2014. ICARUS 12-Aug-2014 ICARUS
Konferenz-folder: Auf dem Weg zu einer gemeinsamen Identität
Die Web-Version des Folders zur Konferenz "Auf dem Weg zu einer gemeinsamen Identität. Quellen zur Geschichte Mitteleuropas im Digitalen Zeitalter". Für Druck nur bedingt geeignet. Daniel Jeller 03-Jul-2014 ICARUS
Checklist Mobility Grant
This is the checklist for receiving the Mobility Grant reimbursement. ICARUS 30-Jun-2014 ICARUS
Agreement of Accession
This is the form "Agreement of Accesion" to join the ICARUS consortium. ICARUS 30-Jun-2014 ICARUS
WWI: Reflections from behin the frontiers
This is the programme for the conference “WWI : Reflections from behind the frontlines”, organized by the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Archivist Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Croatian State Archives and the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS), held in Sarajevo on June 26-29th 2014. 26-Jun-2014