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Medieval Charter (ARS Ljubljana)
Photo of a charter from the Archive of the Republic of Slovenia. Archive of the Republic of Slovenia 20-Feb-2012 Archive of the Republic of Slovenia
Flyer: Offene Archive?
Offene Archive? - Archive 2.0 im deutschen Sprachraum (und im europäischen Kontext) is a workshop co-organized by ICARUS, Stadtarchiv Speyer and Kreisarchiv Siegen-Wittgenstein. Date: 22.-23.11.2012 Venue: Speyer Stadtarchiv Speyer 16-May-2012 Stadtarchiv Speyer
Cadastral material in Slovenia – Scanning and Usage by D. Plevel
This is the contribution on cadastral material in Slovenia by Darija Plevel presented at the initial conference „Cadastral Maps in Central Europe”, Budapest (HU), 17th -18th June 2010. D. Plevel 12-Apr-2012 D. Plevel
HR State Archive Building
Outerior view of the Croatian State Archive. 24-Mar-2012 Hrvatski državni arhiv
The digitisation of Register books in the Czech Republic
A presentation by Milan Augustin of the Státní okresní archiv Karlovy Vary / CZ on the progress of the digitisation of Register books in the Czech Republic. The recording was taken at the semi-annual ICARUS-Meeting in Poznan / PL. Milan Augustin 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS
Zagreb “Archive topics”
First lecture in a series of lectures on "Archive topics" held on 15 November 2016 at the University of Zagreb (HR), co-organized by ICARUS HR. 08-Nov-2016
Archive in Irak und Syrien werden zerstoert
Die tschechischen Archive im Web

Mag. Karel Halla of the Státni okresní archiv Cheb talks about "Die tschechischen Archive im Web. Digitale Quellen zur gemeinsamen bayerisch-tschechischen Geschichte" (The Czech archives on the web. Digitized sources for the collective Bavarian-Czech history).

The recording was taken at the Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv in Munich.

An online version of Mr. Hallas presentation is available on the ICARUS slideshare page.

Karel Halla 03-Apr-2012 ICARUS
Archive Interior, Einsiedeln (CH)
View of the archive interior in Einsiedeln, modified for ENArC homepage. 28-Mar-2012 Kloster Einsiedeln
Österreichs Archive in Europa: Programmfolder
Programmfolder zur Tagung vom 17.-19. Oktober 2012 im Österreichischen Staatsarchiv. ICARUS 19-Sep-2012