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Old book spines (NA Praha)
Registry book spines from the Czech National Archive. CZ National Archive 20-Feb-2012 CZ National Archive
Flyer: Offene Archive?
Offene Archive? - Archive 2.0 im deutschen Sprachraum (und im europäischen Kontext) is a workshop co-organized by ICARUS, Stadtarchiv Speyer and Kreisarchiv Siegen-Wittgenstein. Date: 22.-23.11.2012 Venue: Speyer Stadtarchiv Speyer 16-May-2012 Stadtarchiv Speyer
Projekt Grenzüberschreitungn – Call for papers CZ
Anmeldung für Referenten der Fachkonferenz "Trotz der Grenze. Migrationsprozesse im tschech.-deut. Grenzgebiet", 28.-30. Mai 2013, Eger CZ cziegler 07-Jan-2013
ICARUS@work #6, Prag (CZ), 04.10.2011: Programme
The programme of ICARUS@work #6 held in Prag (CZ), 04.10.2011. ICARUS 12-Apr-2012 ICARUS
Programme: The network of the Spanish National Archives: past and future
Programme for the university seminar "The network of the Spanish National Archives: past and future" held from 20-21 January 2016 at the UCM (ES). 12-Jan-2016
Czech National Heritage Institution: co:op presentation
Presentation of the co:op-project within the publicaiton of the Czech National Heritage Institution giving an overview over current (2015/2015) Creative Europe EU-projects. 11-Jan-2016
Programme National historiography and archival sources on WWI@SNS
This is the programme for the first lecture of the series of lectures on "National historiography and archival sources on WWI" held at the SNS in Pisa (IT) on 12 December 2013. SNS 09-Dec-2013 SNS
Cadastral Maps in Slovakian National Archives by V. Novák
This is the contribution on digitization of cadastral maps in the Slovakian National Archives by Veronika Novák presented at the initial conference „Cadastral Maps in Central Europe”, Budapest (HU), 17th -18th June 2010 Veronika Novák 12-Apr-2012 Veronika Novák
HR State Archive Building
Outerior view of the Croatian State Archive. 24-Mar-2012 Hrvatski državni arhiv