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ICARUS4all: Fotos Exkursion 18. Mai 2015 Brünn
pictures of the first ICARUS4all excursion to the moravian state archives in Brno, 18 05 2015 cziegler 20-May-2015 ICARUS, Dagmar Weidinger
Kick-Off Meeting co:op: presentation financial issues
PPP Corinna Ziegler, general information on financial adminsitartion for the co:op partner area cziegler 13-May-2015
CONNECT: Photos meeting 5 May 2015
Pictures of the C'ONNECT meeting in Schaffa and Geras cziegler 08-May-2015
CrArc Presentation
PPP, overview of all CrArc activities cziegler 13-Apr-2015
ICARUS4all, all print forms 2015 cziegler 31-Mar-2015
Poster 4all
jpg of the ICARUS4all poster cziegler 25-Mar-2015
Folder 4all Familien-Regionalgeschichte
Folder ICARUS4all page view cziegler 25-Mar-2015
Bas Net Abschlussbericht Bestände Staatsarchiv München 2
Lehnprobstamt Burghausen, Elisabeth Lukas-Götz cziegler 14-Oct-2014
Bas Net Abschlussbericht Bestände Staatsarchiv München 1
Rentmeisteramt Burghausen, Vortrag von Alexandra Risse cziegler 14-Oct-2014
Lecture final conference memory without borders Zehetmayer
Lecture fromthe Lower Asutrian archives, 14th of May 2014 Austrian State Archives cziegler 26-May-2014