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EU official exchange rates 09.2016
EU official EURO-exchange rates for the use of co:op financial reports inforeuro 03-May-2017
“Die Topothek und ihre Bedeutung für die Museumslandschaft in Österreich”, Neues Museum, 03/2017
article in the magazine of the Austrian Museumsbund on the Topotheque focussing on the aspect of voluntary work within the project. Dagmar Weidinger 16-Mar-2017 ICARUS
“Die Topothek als Detektivspiel für alle: Holen Sie Ihre Fotos aus der Kiste!”, Falter Heureka 03/16, June 22, 2016
text on the Topotheque in Lower Austria in the science supplement "Heureka" of Austria's weekly magazine Falter, author: Sabine Edith Braun. Sabine Edith Braun 29-Jun-2016 ICARUS
“Moderne Plattform für Heimatkunde”, NÖN Klosterneuburg, 04/2016
article on the Topotheque of Kierling, NÖN Nr. 16 Klosterneuburg, 20.4.2016. red. 26-Apr-2016 ICARUS
Moderne Plattform für Heimatkunde_NÖN Klosterneuburg
Programme “New or unknown sources on the History and Cultural Heritage of Central Europe in the digital Age”
Programme for the second international conference of the takso force "En route to a shared Identity", held from 15-16 February 2016 at the University of Vienna (AT). Adelheid Krah 12-Jan-2016
Thesis: “Genitiv im Frühneuhochdeutschen
The thesis "Genitiv im Frühneuhochdeutschen". Christina Tükör 04-Sep-2015