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Document <span class="search-everything-highlight" style="">icon</span>
A icon for documents 19-Dec-2016
“Pater rettete tausende Dokumente vor dem IS”, <span class="search-everything-highlight" style="">ICO</span> Feb.2016
press text on Father Najeeb Michaeel's digitization projects in Iraq and the co-operation with the ICARUS-network fixed in St. Pölten in Nov. 2015; Information Christlicher Orient Nr. 61, Feb. 2016, author: KAP/red. ICO 04-Feb-2016 ICARUS
Didactics Activities of the Università degli Studi di Napoli “<span class="search-everything-highlight" style="">Federico</span> II” (UNINA)
This is an overview of current didactic activities in the ICARUS Didactics Work Group, coordinated by the Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" (UNINA) UNINA/ICARUS 12-Apr-2012 UNINA/ICARUS
“Bring your history day” in Spain (AHEB-BEHA)
"Bring your history day" organized by the Archivo Histórico Eclesiástico de Bizkaia (ES) on 16 January 2017: "Benito Moya and Jorge Villa". 16-Jan-2017
Bring your history day Bilbao
Programme for the "Bring your history"-day and presentation of the topotheque "Seminario de Bilbao" by the Archivo Histórico Eclesiástico de Bizkaia. 21-Sep-2016
“Books, Fungi and Men and their dislike of ethylene oxide – Final Report”
“Books, Fungi and Men and their dislike of ethylene oxide – Final Report” summary of micobiological research results of the Men and Books- project Katja Sterflinger, Jörg Ettenauer, Christian Voitl, Patricia Engel 10-Aug-2014
Men and Books poster presentation 2013
Poster of Men-and-Books first results, for presentation at ICOM-CC Meeting in Vienna, April 2013 Katja Sterflinger, Patricia Engel 10-Aug-2014
Very small MOM-Logo (55x22px)
To use as an icon or something similar. Daniel Jeller 05-Aug-2013 ICARUS
"The medieval documents on the WEB: ICARUS, the ENArC Project and the Spanish Archives" Venue: Archivo Histórico Nacional Madrid Date: 12 June 2013 28-May-2013
Los archivos diocesanos: nuevos retos ante la era virtual – Programme
Programme to the conference from December 11-12, 2012 (in Spanish) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Archivo Histórico Diocesano de Madrid. 18-Sep-2012