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Karl Heinz – Monasterium-A collaborative way of online edition
01 – Karl Heinz – Introduction to ICARUS
Monasterium – A collaborative way of online edition
Part one of a three-part workshop given by ICARUS Members at the post-graduate course "Computer applications for archival management", organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa / IT. Karl Heinz speaks about Monasterium and how its collaborative archive can be used. The recording is composed of two seperate parts. Karl Heinz 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS
ENArC – European Network on Archival Cooperation
Dr. Karl Heinz spoke at a Conference on "Technical and Field related Problems of Classical and Electronic Archiving: Supplementary Education in the Fields of Archivistics, Documentalistics and Informatics" on the 8th of April in Radenci (Slo). This is a recording of his speech "ENArC - European Network on Archival Cooperation. Ein Beispiel für nachhaltige Archivvernetzung in Europa", focusing on the role of our ENArC-Project as a a participant in the sustainable interlinking between European archives. Karl Heinz 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS
Paper: “Auf dem Weg zu einem europäischen Urkundenportal”
The paper "Auf dem Weg zu einem europäischen Urkundenportal" in: "Regionale Urkundenbücher. Die Vorträge der 12. Tagung der Commission Internationale de Diplomatique". Karl Heinz 04-Sep-2015
Introduction to ICARUS
A short introductory speech on ICARUS given at the semi-annual meeting in Poznan in June 2011. Karl Heinz 17-Apr-2012 ICARUS
Ausstellung sucht Völkerverbindung: „Die Woiwodschaft Serbien und das Temeser Banat“
press text on the exhibition „Die Woiwodschaft Serbien und das Temeser Banat“ opening on October 26, 2015 in Marchtrenk/Upper Austria ICARUS/Weidinger 20-Oct-2015 ICARUS
Mit ICARUS Grenzen überschreiten | Eindrücke von der Internationalen Konferenz „Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age”
Press release after the international conference„Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age” in Prague, April 27-April 29, 2015 Dagmar Weidinger 01-May-2015 ICARUS
Logo Crossborder transparent version cziegler 03-Apr-2012 ICARUS, Karl Giesriegl