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ICARUS Annual Report 2009-2010 (german)
Official annual report from 2009-2010. ICARUS 10-Apr-2012 ICARUS
ICARUS Annual Report 2010/2011
Official annual report covering 2010 til 2011. ICARUS 10-Apr-2012 ICARUS
ICARUS-Agenda 2015
The official ICARUS agenda until 2015. ICARUS 10-Apr-2012 ICARUS
MOM Folder
Informative booklet on the Monasterium-Project. ICARUS 22-Mar-2012 ICARUS
ICARUS Broschure
Booklet with information on ICARUS and our activities. ICARUS 22-Mar-2012 ICARUS
ENArC Folder
PDF-Version of the ENArC Folder 22-Mar-2012
Monasterium – Richtlinien zur Regestenerstellung
Richtlinien für die Regesten von Urkunden aus klösterlichen Archiven im Rahmen des Projektes „MOM“. Dr. Paul Herold, MAS 09-Mar-2012 Dr. Paul Herold, MAS
Article: Urkunden im Netz
Monsterium.net reaches out to the city of St. Gallen! Annkristin Schlichte, editor of Arbido, reports in her article “Charters on the web: The international virtual archive Monasterium.net” from the flourishing international cooperation between Monasterium.net/ICARUS and three Swiss Archives: The Archives of the monastery Einsiedeln, the Monastery Archives St. Gallen and the City Archives of St. Gallen. The vital message: Not only does the team-work between Monasterium.net/ICARUS and various monasteries and archives signify essential steps into the digital future of knowledge transfer; it rather shows the importance for the city itself and enables the citizens of St. Gallen to get democratic access to their own and their city´s cultural history. Urkunden im Netz: das international Urkundenportal monasterium.net. Arbido. Fachportale für Kulturgut. Ausgabe 1 (23.02.2012) Schlichte, Annkristin 05-Mar-2012 arbido
Monasterium image standards
The image standards used in the monasterium project. Daniel Jeller 18-Feb-2012 ICARUS