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Conference proceedings ICARUS-Meeting #9
Short summary of the ICARUS-Meeting #9 in Einsiedeln (German). 23-Jul-2012
Minutes WWI meeting
These are the minutes from the WWI meeting held within the ICARUS-Meeting #9 in Einsiedeln on June 26th, 2012. ICARUS 03-Jul-2012 ICARUS
Programme ICARUS-Meeting #9
Final Programme for the ICARUS-Meeting #9 in Einsiedeln from 25.-27.June 2012. 24-Jun-2012
Floor plan Einsiedeln
This is the floor plan of the Abbey of Einsiedeln for the ICARUS-Meeting #9. 18-Jun-2012
Map Monastery Einsiedeln
This is a map of the are around the Monastery in Einsiedeln for orientation during the ICARUS-Meeting #9. Kloster Einsiedeln 02-May-2012 Kloster Einsiedeln