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Paper: ” – das virtuelle Urkundenarchiv Europas”
The paper " - das virtuelle Urkundenarchiv Europas. Möglichkeiten der Bereitstellung und Erschließung von Urkundenbeständen". Adelheid Krah 04-Sep-2015
Monasterium Logo
Small png version of the Monasterium logo 27-May-2015
Report Monasterium Didactics Workgroup Madrid
This is a report from the Monasterium Didactics workshop which was held during the ICARUS-Meeting #13 in Madrid. 17-Dec-2013
Agenda Didactics/Monasterium Work group
This is the agenda for the Didactics/Monasterium Work group meeting within the ICARUS-Meeting #12 in Madrid. 24-Oct-2013
monasterium image standards v1.4
Scanning with the Bookeye 3 Scanner for Monasterium
A short manual for the usage of the Bookeye 3 Scanner in digitisation projects to contribute to Monasterium. Daniel Jeller 24-Jan-2013 ICARUS – Evolution of a Project
Very brief presentation on the technical history of the monasterium project. Presented at the DiPP 2012 in Veliko Tarnov 2012 Daniel Jeller 19-Sep-2012 ICARUS