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PM_ICARUS4all Spätsommerfest in Stift Geras
press release concerning the ICARUS4all late summer party at Stift Geras on September 19, 2015. Dagmar Weidinger 04-Sep-2015 ICARUS
Programmfolder Spätsommerfest
Dies ist der Programmfolder für das Spätsommerfest des Freundevereins ICARUS4all, das am 19. September 2015 im Stift Geras (AT) stattfindet, ICARUS 02-Sep-2015 ICRUS
“Ein Facebook des Mittelalters” and “Crowdsourcing: Die Masse macht’s möglich”, Heureka 315 (Falter supplement), July 2015
Two articles dealing with the conference "Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age" in Prague/April 2015, thematic focuses: the Venice time machine project (Frédéric Kaplan), co:op, crowdsourcing amongst laypeople; author: Sabine Edith Braun, date of publicaton: July 1, 2015 Sabine Edith Braun 01-Jul-2015 ICARUS
ICARUS4all Logo
Small png version of the ICARUS4all logo. 27-May-2015
ICARUS4all: Fotos Exkursion 18. Mai 2015 Brünn
pictures of the first ICARUS4all excursion to the moravian state archives in Brno, 18 05 2015 cziegler 20-May-2015 ICARUS, Dagmar Weidinger
ICARUS4all, all print forms 2015 cziegler 31-Mar-2015
Poster 4all
jpg of the ICARUS4all poster cziegler 25-Mar-2015
Folder 4all Familien-Regionalgeschichte
Folder ICARUS4all page view cziegler 25-Mar-2015
Croatian ICARUS days
Programme for the Croatian ICARUS days "Archives and cooperation in the Digital Age", held at the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija (HR) from 12-13 March 2015. 24-Feb-2015