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“Die Bevölkerung erforscht ihre Geschichte”, die Presse, May 23, 2015
Article after the conference "Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age" in Prague/April 2015 focusing on the topotheque and co:op; including statements by Thomas Aigner, Francesco Roberg, Kathrin Sammer and Adelheid Krah, date of publication: May 23, 2015, author: Sonja Burger. Sonja Burger 01-Jun-2015 ICARUS
Symposium wirkt nach, Buchpräsentation „Grenze – Geschichte – Menschen“: NÖN Horn; 19/2015
Article von the presentation of the book „Grenze – Geschichte – Menschen“ in the Czech embassy in Vienna, author: Martin Kalchhauser, date of publication: May 7, 2015 (NÖN Horn ed. 19) Martin Kalchhauser 13-May-2015 ICARUS
Mit ICARUS Grenzen überschreiten | Eindrücke von der Internationalen Konferenz „Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age”
Press release after the international conference„Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age” in Prague, April 27-April 29, 2015 Dagmar Weidinger 01-May-2015 ICARUS
Press release Conference Prague, April 2015
This press release invites journalists to join the international conference “Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age”, taking place in Břevnov Abbey/Prague between April 27 and April 29, 2015. ICARUS/Dagmar Weidinger 19-Mar-2015 ICARUS
Wer sind Ihre Vorfahren
Article on genealogy, including quotations by Thomas Aigner, published in Krone Bunt on January 4, 2015; author: Martina Winkelhofer Martina Winkelhofer 21-Feb-2015 ICARUS
St. Stephan in Umbruch
This is the press release to the FWF-Project "St. Stephan in Wien. Architektur der Schriftquellen". Dagmar Weidinger 13-Feb-2015 ICARUS
Ahnenforschung per Mausklick
ICARUS-press release on the occasion of the symposium "Genealogie als Quelle - Genealogische Quellen" in St. Pölten (Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt) on Jan. 15, 2015 Dagmar Weidinger 01-Feb-2015 ICARUS
Ländergrenzen sind Nonsens
Article on ICARUS, published in "Wiener Zeitung" (08.05.2014), author: Dagmar Weidinger Dagmar Weidinger 01-Feb-2015 ICARUS