Document Summary Author Date Copyright
Minutes 3rd co:op partner meeting
Minutes from the administrative meeting of the 3rd co:op partner gathering. 25 May 2016, Visby (SE) 21-Jun-2016
ICARUS4all Corporate Partnership flyer
English flyer for ICARUS4all Corporate Partnership. 21-Jun-2016
ICARUS4all Firmenflyer
German flyer for company partnerships within ICARUS4all. 21-Jun-2016
Topotheque manual, English
The English version of the Topotheque manual ICARUS 14-Jun-2016
The digital archive : professional roles and web skills
Programme to the round table held on 15-16 June 2016 at the State Archives of Naples (IT) within the EU-funded co:op project. 10-Jun-2016
“Geschichte für alle”, Schaufenster Kultur.Region, June 2016
article on the Topotheque in Lower Austria (after the event: "Topothek wird Landesprojekt" on April 12 in St. Pölten) in the magazine "Schaufenster Kultur.Region", June 2016, author: Mella Waldstein Mella Waldstein 02-Jun-2016 ICARUS
ICARUS Annual Report 2015-2016
ICARUS Annual Report 2015-2016 19-May-2016
“Der Einzige seiner Art”, Stuttgarter Zeitung, May 12, 2016
text on Robert Reiter's scanning activities in Germany, Stuttgarter Zeitung, May 12, 2016, author: Hilke Lorenz Hilke Lorenz 17-May-2016 ICARUS
“Moderne Plattform für Heimatkunde”, NÖN Klosterneuburg, 04/2016
article on the Topotheque of Kierling, NÖN Nr. 16 Klosterneuburg, 20.4.2016. red. 26-Apr-2016 ICARUS
“Ein Kreisky zum Jubiläum”, Bezirksblätter Herzogenburg und Traismauer, 4/2016
article on the Topotheque of Traismauer, Bezirksblätter Herzogenburg und Traismauer, April 20/21, 2016. red. 26-Apr-2016 ICARUS