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Annual Report ICARUSHR 2017
Annual Report ICARUSHR 2017 29-Jan-2018
@rhivi #2
Second issue of the Croatian "@rhivi" by ICARUS HRVATSTKA 10-Jan-2018
4th Croatian ICARUS Days
March 14th to 16th 2018 in Trogir (HR) 04-Dec-2017
insights 1/2015 DE
The first issue of the ICARUS magazine "insights" published in April 2015. 08-Nov-2017
Cover and table of content of the first issue of "@rhivi". 29-Sep-2017
Accommodation ICARUS meeting #20
Accommodation possibilities for the ICARUS meeting #20 in Madrid (ES). 25-Sep-2017
Kulturhist. Wanderung 14.10.2017
Kulturhist. Wanderung 14.10.2017 14-Sep-2017
KULTOURot – Gemeindepräsentation 13.10.2017
Gemeindepräsentation 13.10.2017 14-Sep-2017
Programme Topoteka Podsused
Opening event of the Topotheque Podsused, set-up within the EU project "co:op". 04-Sep-2017
ICARUSHR@lecture – on 7 September 2017 in Zagreb (HR). 04-Sep-2017