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Document Summary Author Date Copyright
ICARUS Data Protection Agreement – English
The ICARUS Data Protection Agreement in the English language ICARUS 15-Jul-2020
Topotheque – Terms of Cooperation – Topoteekin toimitusehdot – Finnish
The terms of cooperation for the Topotheque the in Finnish language. ICARUS 15-Jul-2020
ICARUS Data Protection Agreement – Tietosuojakäytäntö – Finnish
The ICARUS data protection agreement in the Finnish language. ICARUS 15-Jul-2020
“Familienforschung im digitalen Zeitalter”, Krone-Magazin, Jan. 2020
article on Matricula, mentioning ICARUS and ICARUS4all on page 56 of the Krone-Magazin "Geschichte: Familiengeschichte, Ahnenforschung, Stammbaum", editor: Martina Winkelhofer. Martina Winkelhofer 17-Feb-2020 ICARUS
“Aus dem Leben eines Ahnenforscher”, DIE FURCHE, Nr. 1/2020
article by Otto Amon on his family research Otto Amon 30-Jan-2020
“Reisen in vier Dimensionen”, DIE FURCHE 43, 24.10.2019
article on the Dresden Time Machine Conference quoting Thomas Aigner, Sander Münster, Julia Noordegraf and Frédéric Kaplan seperately. Martin Tauss 30-Jan-2020 ICARUS
insights 2/2019 ENG
Second issue of 2019 in English. 19-Nov-2019
insights 2/2019 DE
Second issue of 2019 in German. 19-Nov-2019
Press release “10 Jahre MATRICULA”, Festveranstaltung 2.11.2019, St.Pölten
press release for Austrian media Dagmar Weidinger 22-Oct-2019 ICARUS