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ICARUS4all Logo
Small png version of the ICARUS4all logo. 27-May-2015
“Urkunden im Netz lesen”: Katholische Sonntagszeitung Augsburg, May 2/3, 2015
Article on Robert Reiter scanning the documents of the episcopal archive at Hafnerberg mentioninig Monasterium and ICARUS, date of publication: May 2/3, 2015, author: Andreas Alt Andreas Alt 20-May-2015 ICARUS
ICARUS4all: Fotos Exkursion 18. Mai 2015 Brünn
pictures of the first ICARUS4all excursion to the moravian state archives in Brno, 18 05 2015 cziegler 20-May-2015 ICARUS, Dagmar Weidinger
co:op press release
This is the press release of the co:op project after it´s kick-off meeting in Praha (Prague, CZ) from 27-29 April 2015 at Břevnovský klášter (Břevnov Archabbey). ICARUS 19-May-2015 ICARUS
Symposium wirkt nach, Buchpräsentation „Grenze – Geschichte – Menschen“: NÖN Horn; 19/2015
Article von the presentation of the book „Grenze – Geschichte – Menschen“ in the Czech embassy in Vienna, author: Martin Kalchhauser, date of publication: May 7, 2015 (NÖN Horn ed. 19) Martin Kalchhauser 13-May-2015 ICARUS
Kick-Off Meeting co:op: presentation financial issues
PPP Corinna Ziegler, general information on financial adminsitartion for the co:op partner area cziegler 13-May-2015
co:op template A4-4 pages & A4-4 pages
These templates may be used for programmes, invitations etc. The dummy texts and images should be replaced accordingly. ICARUS 13-May-2015 ICARUS
Map of the Diocese of Passau from 1981
Map of the Diocese of Passau from 1981; Bischöfliches Ordinariat Passau 1981 12-May-2015
CONNECT: Photos meeting 5 May 2015
Pictures of the C'ONNECT meeting in Schaffa and Geras cziegler 08-May-2015
insights 01/2015
These are the first three pages of the english version of the insights magazine covering the cover, table of content and editorial. ICARUS 04-May-2015 ICARUS