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radio interview with Andreas Schmidt-Colinet, 24/11/2015
radio interview on the ICARUS-meeting #16 in St. Pölten, November 24, 2015 on SWR2, interviewer: Martina Kögl Marina Kögl 27-Nov-2015 ICARUS
press release “ICARUS kooperiert mit Archiv im Nordirak”
press release dealing with the results of ICARUS meeting #16 in St. Pölten, Nov. 23-25, 2015, giving information on F.Najeeb Michaeel and his digitising efforts in Iraq and the planned cooperation with his „Centre Numérique des Manuscrits Orientaux“ (CNMO) in Erbil/Iraq Dagmar Weidinger 27-Nov-2015 ICARUS
radio interview with Thomas Aigner, 19/11/2015
radio interview on the ICARUS-meeting #16 in St. Pölten, November 19, 2015, Radio NÖ. Marina Watteck 21-Nov-2015 ICARUS
“Historischer Blick auf die Wojwodina”, OÖN Wels, Oct 22, 2015
short invitation to the exhibition "Woijwodschaft Serbien und Temeser Banat" in Marchtrenk, OÖN Wels, Oct 22nd, 2015, author: Erik Famler. Erik Famler 18-Nov-2015 ICARUS
Travel information Marburg
Travel information for the co:op convention in cooperation with READ held in Marburg 19-21 January 2016. 13-Nov-2015
Booking form co:op convention Marburg
Booking form co:op convention Marburg 13-Nov-2015
press release “2. Topothek-Tag wieder voller Erfolg”
press release after the second topotheque day in St. Pölten, Nov.6/7, 2015, short summary of the issues of the second topotheque-day in St. Pölten + explanation of the topotheque in the context of ICARUS Michaela Haag 13-Nov-2015 ICARUS
Nuevos Tiempos, Nuevos Usuarios: Repositorios Digitales En Archivos Y Bibliotecas
Programm for the university seminar "Nuevos Tiempos, Nuevos Usuarios: Repositorios Digitales En Archivos Y Bibliotecas". 18 Devember 2015. Facultad de Ciencias de la Documentación, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Aula Informática III 11-Nov-2015
St. Pölten wird Nabel der internationalen Archivwelt | Tagung 23.-25.11.2015
press release on ICARUS-meeting #16, taking place in St. Pölten between November 23 and November 25, 2015 Dagmar Weidinger 11-Nov-2015 ICARUS
Invitation int’l workshop
Invitation to the international workshop held within the ICARUS-Meeting #16 on 24 November 2015 on the topic of "The cultural heritage of the Middle East: Current threats and scenarios for protection in the future". ICARUS 09-Nov-2015 ICARUS