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“Archivnetzwerk ICARUS feierte zehnjähriges Bestehen”, Kirche bunt
article in the church magazine "Kirche bunt", St. Pölten, 48/2018. author: Sonja Planitzer Sonja Planitzer 23-Nov-2018 ICARUS
CfP: 5th Croatian ICARUS Days & ICARUS Convention #23
Call for papers for the 5th Croatian ICARUS Days & ICARUS Convention #23 which will take place in Pula (HR) from 27-29 March 2019. 13-Nov-2018
“Der Aufbruch in die Welt der Zeitreisen”, DIE FURCHE 45, 2018
article in the Austrian weekly DIE FURCHE dealing with the 10th anniversary of ICARUS and the time machine project, ed. 45/Nov. 8, 2018, author: Martin Tauss. Martin Tauss 12-Nov-2018 ICARUS
“Eine völlig neue Art des Arbeitens”
interview with digital humanist Georg Vogeler, Wiener Zeitung. 18.1.2018 Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
“Die Kraft der Ahninnen”
ICARUS mentioned in an article on genealogy in the Austrian magazine "Welt-der-Frauen", 12/2017. Dagmar Weidinger 29-Oct-2018 Dagmar Weidinger
ICARUS Jubiläum 2018 – Pressemeldung
Pressemeldung anlässlich 10 Jahre ICARUS 24-Oct-2018
ICARUS anniversary, invitation – English version
Jubiläum 10 Jahre ICARUS, englische Version 24-Oct-2018
ICARUS Jubiläum Einladung – deutsche Version
Einladung zum Jubiläum 10 Jahre ICARUS 24-Oct-2018
Programme co:op filma festival
Programme for the final film festival of the co:op project. Event title: "Expect the unexpected!" - Date: 19-20 November 2018 08-Oct-2018
insights 1/2018 DE
First issue of 2018 in German. 05-Sep-2018