Document Summary Author Date Copyright
“Topothek und Museum – einer Verbindung mit Zukunft”, Neues Museum, 06/2019
article on the Topotheque project, special focus on international achievements during the co:op project (Hungary, Finlan) and comig partnerships with Lower Austria's "Haus der Geschichte", author: Dagmar Weidinger Dagmar Weidinger 10-May-2019 ICARUS
Information broschure TM Meeting Amsterdam
Broschure with key information (floormap, contacts etc.) for the Time Machine Meeting in Amsterdam on 10-11 May 2019. 08-May-2019
insights 1/2019 DE
First issue of 2019 in German. 07-May-2019
insights 1/2019 ENG
First issue of 2019 in English. 07-May-2019
“Zeitreise in eine digitale Vergangenheit”, article in “Der Standard”, April 17, 2019
article in Austria's daily newspaper "Der Standard" on the Time Machine Project, author: Doris Griesser Doris Griesser 04-May-2019 ICARUS
Acommodation TM Workshop Amsterdam
Information on accommodation and restaurant recommendations for the Time Machine Workshop in Amsterdam. Event date: 9-10 May 2019 02-May-2019
TM Workshop Amsterdam programme
Programme for the Time Machine Workshop at the University of Amsterdam. Date: 9-10 May 2019 02-May-2019
“Zeitreisen rund um den Stephansdom”, DIE FURCHE 13, 28.3.2019
text on the occasion of the kick-off of the Time Machine Project in Austria's weekly "Die Furche", author: Martin Tauss. Martin Tauss 03-Apr-2019 ICARUS
10th anniversary poster
Poster of the 10th anniversary celebration of ICARUS. 25-Mar-2019
insights 2/2018 ENG
Second issue of 2018 in English. 14-Mar-2019