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Proceedings Recondita Armonia
Proceedings of the conference "Recondita Armonia - Gli archivi della Musica", held on 26-28 une 2014 at the Sala Accademia di Palazzo Ducale (IT), organized by the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, The University of Rome - La Sapienza and the Department of History in Lucca. 24-Apr-2015
ICARUS Annual Report
The annual report covering 2014 to mid 2015. ICARUS 23-Apr-2015 ICARUS
Map Diocese of St. Pölten
Map Diocese of St. Pölten 20-Apr-2015
Map Diocese of Passau (1867)
Map Diocese of Passau (1867) 20-Apr-2015
Catholic Dioceses in Germany
Catholic Dioceses in Germany 20-Apr-2015
“Dreiundert Jahre Familie”, Wiener Journal
Article von genealogy in the Friday insert of the Wiener Zeitung mentioning Matricula/ICARUS, author: Christian Hoffmann, date of publication: April 17, 2015 Christian Hoffmann 18-Apr-2015 ICARUS
ICARUS Annual Report 2013/2014
The annual report covering 2013 to mid 2014. ICARUS 13-Apr-2015 ICARUS
CrArc Presentation
PPP, overview of all CrArc activities cziegler 13-Apr-2015
insights 01/2015 (DE)
The first issue of the ICARUS magazine "insights" published in April 2015. ICRAUS 10-Apr-2015 ICARUS
ICARUS4all, all print forms 2015 cziegler 31-Mar-2015