Document Summary Author Date Copyright
1. WS CrArc Presentation OESTA
1. CrArc Workshop in Bratislava - 5th of June 2012 Renate Domnanich about CrArc cziegler 03-Jul-2012
1. WS CrArc Presentation ICARUS
1. CrArc Workshop in Bratislava - 5th of June 2012 Thomas Aigner about CrArc cziegler 03-Jul-2012
Programme ICARUS-Meeting #9
Final Programme for the ICARUS-Meeting #9 in Einsiedeln from 25.-27.June 2012. 24-Jun-2012
CrArc – Presentation Einsiedeln
CrArc presentation for the semiannual ICARUS meeting in Einsiedeln CH 26th of June, Corinna Ziegler about CrArc cziegler 22-Jun-2012
APEx Logo
A small version of the APEx Logo with transparent background. Resolution is 236x88 pixel. 22-Jun-2012 APEx
APEx Presentation Background
Adapted version of the ICARUS presentation background with different logos. Size: 1024x768 pixel. Daniel Jeller 20-Jun-2012 ICARUS
ICARUS Presentation Background
A 1024x768 pixel background image to be used for presentations. The design is based on the current design of the ICARUS Website. Daniel Jeller 19-Jun-2012 ICARUS
Floor plan Einsiedeln
This is the floor plan of the Abbey of Einsiedeln for the ICARUS-Meeting #9. 18-Jun-2012
Digitalisierung – Erschwingliche Lösungen
A presentation on the topic of cost effective technical solutions for digitisation in a Library / Archive context. Daniel Jeller 14-Jun-2012 ICARUS
Original MOM-Logo (208x84px)
The MOM-Logo in a rather low resolution. Transparent Background. 06-Jun-2012 ICARUS