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co:op project submission
This is the co:op project application package comprised of project description, submission form, estimated budget, working programme, cooperation agreement, activity reports, CVs, statutes, project evaluation. ICARUS 01-Dec-2014 ICARUS
Basic administrational issues regarding co:op
This is the Power Point Presentation given within a first co:op partner meeting within the ICARUS-Meeting #14 in Colmar (FR). ICARUS 25-Nov-2014 ICARUS
Programme ICARUS-Lecture Poland
This is the programme for the ICARUS-Lecture held on 26 November 2014 at the he Head Office of State Archives in Warsaw, Poland. 24-Nov-2014
DNA article ICARUS-Meeting #14
Press article about the ICARUS-Meeting #14 held in Colmar (FR) from 17 - 19 November 2014 at the Archives Departmentale de Haut-Rhin. 21-Nov-2014
Interview with Alexander Schatek
This is an interview (in German) with the founder of the topotheque - Mag. Alexander Schatek - about what the topotheque is about. Dr. Dagmar Weidinger 14-Nov-2014 Dr. Dagmar Weidinger
Report: Topotheque day in St. Pölten
This is a report (in German) about the topotheque day in St. Pölten which was held from 07 - 08 November 2014. Dr. Dagmar Weidinger 14-Nov-2014 Dr. Dagmar Weidinger
Programme in English and Bulgarian for the ICARUS@work conference in Sofia (BG) held on 30 October 2014. 17-Oct-2014
Bas Net Abschlussbericht Bestände Staatsarchiv München 2
Lehnprobstamt Burghausen, Elisabeth Lukas-Götz cziegler 14-Oct-2014
Bas Net Abschlussbericht Bestände Staatsarchiv München 1
Rentmeisteramt Burghausen, Vortrag von Alexandra Risse cziegler 14-Oct-2014
Invitation Topotheque day
This is the invitation and programme for the topotheque day on 07 - 08 November 2014. ICARUS 12-Oct-2014 ICARUS